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Solid Color (5 Pack)

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Forget the worry of dropping or losing your phone on a plane. Mobettah Bands let you hang your phone right on the seat in front of you, making your flight way better. This handy accessory attaches to your phone without any sticky stuff or magnets and works with most phone cases. Perfect for enjoying your shows hands-free, making those long flights a breeze. Plus, turn it into a trendy bag tag when you land.

Solid Color Bundle Includes:

  1. Light Pink
  2. Light Purple
  3. Black Black
  4. Red
  5. Light Green

How It Works

Just slip it between your phone and its case—no sticky stuff or magnets needed. It's made to fit almost any phone, so you don't have to worry about size. Once it's on, you can hang your phone on the seat in front of you on a plane, or anywhere really, and watch your shows without holding it. When you're not watching, it can even be a cool tag for your bag.

Airline Compatibility:

Mobettah Bands are awesome because they work with any phone as long as you've got a case on it. Just slide it in between your phone and the case, and you're good to go. And when you're flying, no stress about the airline—these bands fit perfectly with any back seat pocket or tray table.

100% Money Back Guarantee 

If you're not 100% happy with your Mobettah Band, no stress. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just let us know within those 30 days if it's not working out, and we’ll refund your purchase. We're here to make sure you love your experience, so if it's not right, we've got your back.