How to Use



Open your phone case and insert the Mo’ Bettah Band phone strap behind your phone.


Close case completely with the phone strap secured inside.
(Make sure the artwork is facing out and is the same direction as your screen)



Now the fun part is the endless ways to utilize the Mo’ Bettah Band…

Here are just a few of the ways we love to use it!!



Wedge It!






Hang it!






Loop It!



  • To loop it, you will want bend the metal disc within the strap (found within the bulge on the back of the strap, just below the hole). This allows the strap to wrap smoothly around.
  • Next insert the strap through itself with the band wrapped around whatever it is you are planning to hang your device off of.
  • Now that your strap is ready follow STEPS 1 & 2 above and you're ready to go!




Hold It!





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