No More Phone Drops Mid-Flight

Never worry about losing your phone under the seat again. Mobettah Bands keep it securely in front of you for hands-free viewing throughout the entire flight.

Secure During Turbulence

Keeps your phone securely in place even during bumpy flights.

Airline Compatibility

Fits practically any airline seat, except for first class, ensuring versatile use.

Other Uses

Versatile design allows use in cars, kitchens, and as a handy bag tag while flying.

  • 30 day money back guarantee

Compatible with all major airlines

Enjoy Hands-Free Viewing on Every Flight

Watch your favorite shows and movies hands-free with Mobettah Bands, providing ultimate comfort and convenience on all your flights.

Perfect For Traveling With Kids

Keep your kids entertained and their devices secure during flights, so you can relax while they watch hands-free without any drops or hassles. It’s a lifesaver for long trips – no more reaching under seats or dealing with cranky kids. Just attach the band, and everyone’s happy!

How It Works

Just slip it between your phone and its case—no sticky stuff or magnets needed. It's made to fit almost any phone, so you don't have to worry about size. Once it's on, you can hang your phone on the seat in front of you on a plane, or anywhere really, and watch your shows without holding it. 

Mix And Match

With over ten different colors and styles, you can easily mix and match Mobettah Bands with your phone case. They’re not just for holding phones – you can use them as bag tags during travel too, adding a fun pop of color to your luggage!

Patented Technology

Mo'Bettah Bands feature a unique, patented design you won't find anywhere else. There's a special notch near the tip that holds it securely in the pocket behind airplane seats, and it can bend to tie as a bag tag. This one-of-a-kind technology ensures your phone stays secure without sticky stuff or magnets, giving you peace of mind during every trip.


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Money-back guarantee

30- day refund or replacement

Mo'Bettah Bands Phone Hangar

Stylish, Secure Phone Holders For Hands-Free Viewing

100+ Happy Customers

  • Prevents Mid-Flight Phone Drops 📱

  • 10+ Different Styles & Colors 🎨

  • Fits Any Phone & Airline ✈️

  • No Magnets or Adhesives ❌

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  • Hands-Free Viewing 📱

  • 10+ Different Styles & Colors 🎨

  • Fits Any Phone & Airline ✈️

  • No Magnets or Adhesives ❌


“Mobettah Bands are a game changer! I used to stress about my phone slipping under the seat or having to hold it up the whole flight. This band is so simple yet brilliant. It holds my phone secure and I can watch during my flight with no hassle. 🥰”

- Samantha

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