Why Mo'Bettah?

So you’re now getting ready for that long deserved flight. Maybe it is time for a business meeting in Vegas or it’s a trip to see your family member a few hours away?

Do you remember when you get on the plane you usually have to sit down in a cramped seat? And to enjoy inflight entertainment from your phone you have to hold it for the next few hours? Or perhaps the feeling of straining your neck while watching it from your tray table and just hoping there is no unexpected turbulence that sends it flying or someone knocks it off accidentally?

Well you see, we did! And this drove us to invent and manufacture a simple cell phone accessory that easily attaches into the majority of our devices and cases. It will hang our phones in a matter of a second or two onto those seat backs directly in front of us, that will solve these problems.

There are many benefits to what we have made, not only for our fellow passengers but also for our corporate clients who can earn additional revenue selling them during their inflight service.

We understand the need to create more comfort, ease and simplicity for everyone and a new cashflow stream for our partner airlines who can really use the boost!

This is a New Product! First of it’s kind.

It’s lightweight and compact which we can Brand to Corporate specs to ensure extended Brand awareness as there will be multiple uses after that particular flight.

There is a huge space here to turn a profit with the traveler’s alone in the US pushing well over 900 million per year – pre pandemic.